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August 15, 2012 | Marketing


Tilebrick™ is an extruded clay unit with clever profiled edges and a tile shaped front face. It is a highly durable product that is frequently chosen for use between the first floor level and the eaves. The benefit of using Tilebrick™ is that it allows a bricklayer to continue building from ground level using traditional brick and block construction, preventing the need for employment of further skilled labour which is often associated with tile hanging or rainscreen cladding systems.

Tilebrick™ is available with a Curved profile which was originally created to offer an alternative to plain tiles. Recently two new profiles have been developed. The Planar profile has a crisp angular design and is available in different textures. A Banded profile is also available and this offers architects and designers the opportunity to use an entirely unique looking product that replicates the look of rainscreen cladding.

Tilebrick™ is available in two lengths 168mm and 225mm that coordinate with conventional masonry. The range of colours includes both smooth and sandfaced finishes with colours ranging from reds through to blue and black. Having a range of colours provides greater design scope but can also help with planning applications.

A full range of fittings are available in the Tilebrick™ range to meet any design requirements that you would expect from a traditional brick wall. This gives complete freedom in design around returns or openings, from floor to pitched gable which ensures that the building is finished to very high standards.

As a new and innovative product, projects that use Tilebrick™ will benefit from the assistance of an Ibstock Design Advisor and Contract Manager, who work alongside the contractor providing ‘toolbox’ talks, design guidance and ensure that the product is schedule in accordance with the site programme.

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